Albert Ruhí

Bio: I am a freshwater ecologist specializing in the influence of hydrological variability on biodiversity and food web structure. I joined the Sabo lab as a postdoctoral researcher on the Water Sustainability and Climate project. I earned my MSc (2008) and my PhD (2012) within the Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters of the University of Girona (Catalonia, Spain). My thesis focused on how faunal community assembly rules depend on some environmental factors of particular significance to global change scenarios (i.e., hydrological regime), and I addressed this aim by assessing succession patterns over different temporal and spatial scales, using created aquatic habitats as model systems. I did two research stays abroad, at the Linnaeus University, Sweden (in 2009) and at the University of Georgia in Athens (2011); and during that time I also worked on explaining how climate harshness influences taxonomic clustering and functional redundancy of invertebrates inhabiting temporary lentic habitats. Since then, my research interests have focused on quantifying the impacts of global change on riverine biodiversity and food webs.

Until Summer 2013 I held a post-doctoral researcher position at the Catalan Institute for Water Research, ICRA associated with the SCARCE project ‘Assessing and predicting effects on water quantity and quality in Iberian rivers caused by Global Change’. In September 2013 I moved to the US and started working in the Water Sustainability and Climate project (‘Water sustainability under near-term climate change: a cross-regional analysis incorporating socio-ecological feedbacks and adaptations’) in John Sabo’s lab at Arizona State University. Here I am using multivariate autoregressive state-space (MARSS) models for estimating and simulating long-term trajectories of species and community resilience. In particular, we are using MARSS and spectral analyses on retro and future discharge and riverine fish data to forecast viability and persistence of native fishes across the US sunbelt under hydroclimatic change.

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