Eric K. Moody

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Research Interests:

My research broadly aims to understand ties between organismal traits and ecosystem processes. I am particularly interested in studying the causes and ecosystem-level consequences of intraspecific variation in physiological traits. For my dissertation research I am examining these questions by studying populations of the desert spring-inhabiting fish Gambusia marshi. I also have ongoing projects examining intra- and inter-specific trait variation in tropical stream grazers.

I have previously studied how travertine deposition affects biological processes in headwater streams,  how riparian vegetation changes alter the impacts of invasive crayfish in an arid river, and how host thermal regimes affect parasitic sea lamprey growth and feeding. I also maintain an interest in publishing information on the natural history of poorly-studied aquatic and riparian organisms in the arid and tropical regions where I work.  Please visit my personal webpage to learn more about these projects.


Aside from research I’m very interested in student radio and science communication. I worked as program director and hosted a weekly radio show while at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I currently assist in editing ASU’s Science Studio podcasts, and am co-editing a monthly podcast for the Society for Freshwater Science with Tim Cline at the University of Washington. In my free time I attempt to maintain freshwater planted aquaria and go birdwatching.



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