Riparian biodiversity patterns in the Huachuca Mountains

We are working on a SERDP-funded project to examine intermittent streams on southwestern military installations. Our work is focused in the Huachuca Mountains which offer a gradient of surface flow ranging from perennial streams to ephemeral washes. We are studying how this variation in hydrology affects ground-dwelling riparian arthropod community composition, secondary production, and reliance on groundwater. We are collaborating with Julie Stromberg, Tom Meixner, and Kitty Lohse to link these patterns to differences in hydrological regime, soil moisture and nutrients, and plant communities.

As part of this research we have also conducted bird and reptile surveys on transects along the riparian zone and the uplands at each site to look at how lateral diversity gradients away from the stream channel differ for a variety of taxa depending on hydrologic regime.

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