Mengdi Lu

Research interests

My research interests are quite diverse- from stream ecology to urban ecology. To be more specific, I am potentially interested in the effect of flow variation and energy supply on food chain length and tropic structure. Meanwhile I am also interested in “How have extreme events influenced the development of urban infrastructure over time; i.e., is there evidence that perceived climate threats have altered infrastructure design in the past?”

MengdiEducation background

My own research experience and education background cover both areas in ecology and environmental engineering. In the Lab of Aquatic ecology in KU Leuven, Belgium, I studied the influence of different management practices (fish framing, without fish, without management, etc.) on abiotic environment (pH, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, etc.) and zooplankton community structure and diversity (cladocerans and copepods). Besides, in the ‘Integrated Project of arid climatic case: Rio Jubones catchment, Ecuador’ during the last semester in KU Leuven, I was responsible for the environmental and ecological impact analysis of hydro-power at Minas San Francisco dam based on surface water and groundwater evaluation, river modelling and irrigation management. Additionally I have some research experience in environmental engineering area. My thesis focused on coagulation technique applied in emergent treatment of Longjing Lake for eutrophication problems (due to high density of nitrogen and phosphorus). In 2010, I was the team leader of a research program funded by Chinese National Ministry of Education, aiming at reducing the quantity of sediment in the urban landscape and recreation waterbody with near-natural pure culture technique. Apart from research, I also did several professional interns in waste water treatment plants and environmental protection agency.