Hongkai Gao

hongkaiMy main interests are on hydrology, more specifically from field hydrological experiments to hydrological models. In hydrologic community, there is a gap between experimentalists and modelers, due to different background and perspective. How to link the knowledge between two different worlds is my enthusiasm. Moreover, I am also very interested in glacier, snow and permafrost hydrology in cold region. The influence of climate change and land use change on hydrological processes and water resources in the future is appealing for me as well. I am also very interested on basic theories in hydrology, such as understanding the topography and ecosystem on water and energy budget, and then the evaporation, transpiration and runoff generation.


I got my PhD in hydrology and water resources at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. At Delft, I developed a landscape-based hydrology model, which takes topography and landuse into conceptual hydrological model. During my master study in Chinese Academy of Sciences, I participated several field surveys on glacier, permafrost, snow, meteorology and hydrology on the Tibetan Plateau. It is not an exaggeration that survival on the Tibetan Plateau is a comparable challenge as pursuing a PhD.


I am keen on reading, travelling and taking photography. I like reading books on geography and history. Travelling and photographing are good opportunities to get in touch with people with different culture, religion and living environment. Sports are also appealing for me. I do running and play basketball and pingpang at my spare time.