Jaishri Srinivasan

Jaishri PicResearch Interest 

I am a PhD student in Sustainability with a concentration in Complex Adaptive Systems Science (CASS). I am interested in looking at how river delta systems can be made resilient to global environmental change and human impacts, specifically the latter. Upstream use and infrastructure modifications significantly impacts river deltas. Therefore, I am looking into the political economy of river use, how institutions and their actions have resulted in current outcomes and how to achieve resilience in river management.


I have an undergraduate degree in environmental engineering and management from Thailand, and two masters degrees – one in Renewable Energy from Murdoch University (Australia) and one in Climate Change from University of Leeds, UK. My initial research focus was on energy systems and mitigation measures in the face of climate change. I have expanded my focus currently to river systems. In the future I hope to combine both water and energy research areas and how they change with the impacts of climate change and human activities.

 Other Interests

Outside of my research interests, I love reading for leisure. And I’m an amateur history enthusiast. I believe history has a lot to teach us about our present and our future. I also like learning languages and am on the slow road to becoming a polyglot.