Qi Deng

Research interests
I am interested in exploring how climate, hydrology and human activities affect ecosystems. Specifically, my efforts are devoted to investigate the impacts of these factors on riverine and riparian biodiversity. A potential goal would be to reveal the mechanism to make projections on climate change, hydrological alteration and their influences on ecosystem succession. Trying to balance water resources between human society and ecosystem while considering climate change would be the ultimate target.

I finished my undergraduate study in Wuhan University, China. There I majored in river engineering and got training in hydraulics, sediment transport and river channel modification, and I chose hydrology and water resources in my last year. The experience in learning hydrological science inspired me to continue my study and research in water resources related with ecological issues. At ASU, I am a graduate student in Environmental Life Science program in the School of Life Science.

Outside of my research activities I am keen to social science and especially enthusiastic about education development. Learning about transformation of primary education and higher education in both China and US is quite appealing to me.