Welcome to the home of the Sabo Laboratory at ASU!

Research in the Sabo lab focuses on links between hydrology and food web ecology in river and riparian ecosystems. We are particularly interested in understanding how water and energy link terrestrial and aquatic communities. 

Food chain; Hogna anteleucana eyeing a Gryllus alogus grazing on greenfall

Food chain: Hogna anteleucana eyeing a Gryllus alogus busy consuming greenfall

More specifically, we have three research themes:

1) Linking ground water hydrology to key patterns and processes in terrestrial food webs along the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona. Learn more

2) Linking surface water hydrology to key patterns and processes in river food webs to understand how past and future climates have shaped or will shape aquatic food webs. Learn more

3) Balancing fresh water needs for cities, farms and ecosystems  Learn more 

Our research efforts in Themes 1 & 2 involve a significant field component, including large-scale experiments and broad-scale syntheses of existing data. In addition to field research, our work also relies heavily on theoretical and statistical models to generate predictions for experimentation and answers to questions not amenable to experiments. We invite field-savvy students to apply to help craft fruitful approaches to answering questions in these three research areas. Please explore the website to learn more about the our current research and the people  who currently work in the lab.